Part of our mining heritage. Outlook to the wilderness.

Welcome to Coal Miners' Cabins

The hotel is located in Nybyen, Longyearbyen’s little ‘satellite town’, and is within walking distance from the town centre. In this building, the shared areas are popular, and late nights with long conversations and games might be on the horizon for the adventurous traveller. We bid you welcome to this great starting point for your next polar adventure.
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A popular place amongst travellers of all ages

Located at the top of the Longyear Valley, with the Arctic wilderness as its closest neighbour and its cosy atmosphere, Coal Miners’ Cabins is a popular place amongst travellers of all ages.
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A great start to an exciting day in the Arctic.

Coal Miners' Cabins offers rooms in different price classes.

Arctic Wilderness

With the wilderness at your doorstep, an exciting polar adventure awaits. Svalbard is quite unique in this regard, with options ranging from visiting ice caves and seeing the northern lights, to boat safaris or wildlife expeditions on snowmobiles. What to do varies by time of year, and each season is quite unique.
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Three seasons