Sunny Winter - Photo Agurtxane Concellon

Sunny Winter Package

Arctic landscapes, snow and crispy cold temperatures. Welcome to Svalbard and the experience of true polar winter next to the North Pole! We have put together a package that combines the best wilderness adventures with cozy dining.

Travel period: February 1 - May 15

This package includes

  • 3 nights at Coal Miners' Cabins

  • Breakfast each morning

  • One dinner at Coal Miners' Bar & Grill

  • Ice cave tour with snowcat

  • Wilderness evening at Camp Barentz


  • From NOK 3 812,- per person in a shared twin room (regular price NOK 4 765,-)

  • From NOK 4 832,- for one person in a single room (regular price NOK 6 040,-)


Enjoy a relaxed stay and great food

This package includes a three night stay at our hotel. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, combined with the immediate proximity to nature. The lounge area in the main building invites you to cuddle up with a book in a comfortable chair, or socialize with old or new friends from all over the world. Here you also find our restaurant Coal Miners' Bar & Grill, where we invite you to a dinner. How about a nice cheese fondue after a long day outside?


Ice cave tour with snowcat

Visiting an ice cave is a must-do when on Svalbard. This package includes a fun tour with a snowcat, to the cave inside one of the nearby glaciers. The entrance to the ice cave is difficult to find for anyone other than the guide, but in the middle of all the white there is a small opening. Then, a hidden, frozen world of ice and snow appears when you descend into the cave. You will get equipped with powerful headlights, that allows you to light up the narrow hallway in front of you. The ice cave changes from year to year, but usually one can walk a few hundred meters into the cave before the path stops. In several places, the corridor opens up like a large cathedral of snow and ice, which is incredibly fascinating.


Wilderness Evening

The wilderness evening at Camp Barentz is a very special experience. Located 15 km outside Longyearbyen, you are completely surrounded by the harsh Svalbard nature. As you arrive at the cozy wooden cabins you’ll be met by your host for the evening. The host will also be on watch throughout your stay, in case a polar bear should appear. During the evening you'll get to enjoy good drinks and a delicious homemade reindeer bidos, followed by some interesting stories and facts about the King of the Arctic – the polar bear. After the presentation there will be time to take in the majestic surrounding landscapes, before returning back to civilization.

Coal Miners Cabins Photo Agurtxane Concellon 1920
Sunny Winter Coal Miners Cabins - Photo Agurtxane Concellon
Sunny Winter Coal Miners Cabins Svalbard Photo Thomas Griesbeck 1920x1080
Sunny Winter Coal Miners Cabins - Photo Agurtxane Concellon
Wilderness Evening at Camp Barentz HGR 159477 1920 Photo Eveline Lunde
Sunny Winter Coal Miners Cabins - Photo Eveline Lunde
Sunny Winter Coal Miners Cabins Photo Hanne Feyling
Coal Miners Cabins Photo Shutterbird Production 1920